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  • We are in love with the furniture created with our butterflies, beetles and birds designs and that is now on display @potsdamer_platz in Berlin as part of the artist takeover that we were commissioned. 

Made from powder coated steel they would make great outdoor furniture. Would you like to have one of these in your garden?
  • Happy and proud to show our artist takeover @potsdamer_platz in Berlin. Larger than life translations of our designs are on show at this historical spot and we feel honored to be commissioned this very special assignment! 

Tree of Life made from powder coated steel adorned with insects and birds, chairs and benches that are beyond imagination, lanterns that flower and more. On show until November!

A shout out to our team that has worked hard to make this come to life @jantienbaas and Camilla @pierrock_ , and of course the great people from artist and makers collective

We are already reminiscing future projects for our sister label and playground @ateliertoit!
  • Our butterflies in nature!

iPhone pictures by ines @styliness
  • We upgraded the upstairs room of our store and beautifully displayed the unique artifacts that Romy and Ilya brought back from Tunisia. Come visit this new room at Prinsenstraat 11, Amsterdam!